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PEPFAR Global Fund Liaison

Posté : 20-03-2017 Nom de l’employeur : U.S. Embassy
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 2385
Type d'emploi : CDD Postulants : 0

Job Advert: PEPFAR Global Fund Liaison

The U.S. Mission in Yaounde, Cameroon is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position PEPFAR Global Fund Liaison. This position is located in Yaounde, Cameroon.

CLOSING DATE: March 27, 2017

WORK HOURS: Full time, 40 hours/week


Under the direct supervision of the PEPFAR Coordinator for Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), the Global Fund Liaison is the USG focal point on Global Fund activities – CCM related matters, including daily matters concerning HIV, Tuberculosis (TB), and Malaria.  In addition, the incumbent will consult regularly with the PEPFAR Agency Leads (USAID Senior Health Advisor, CDC Country Director, DoD Public Health Lead, and Peace Corps Director) and all other strategic technical stakeholders relevant in HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria programmatic matters.  The jobholder will also assume responsibility for coordinating critical communications between the USG and several stakeholders including the Principal Recipients (PR) for Global Fund’s HIV, TB, and Malaria activities in Cameroon, the Global Fund’s Local Fund Agents (LFA), and will be expected to participate in key meetings of the CCM General Assembly, Bureau, CCM Committees, and as a USG alternate as needed.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities for Global Fund Liaison:

A. Advisor and Coordinator of USG Linkages with Global Fund activities, including CCM General Assembly and Bureau, Technical Area Committees and PRs for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – 50% of time.

  • Inform and advise USG participation in the CCM General, Bureau and Committee meetings, particularly advising the USG representative (full member) on the CCM, technical staff representatives on the CCM committees, and the PEPFAR Agency Team Leads as needed.
  • Work closely with government, donors, private, and civil-society counterparts to ensure effective coordination and timely implementation of Global Fund programs thereby contributing to improve reporting, responses to requests from the Global Fund and results.
  • Facilitate joint meetings between TB/HIV and Malaria PRs, and the Government of the Republic of Cameroon (GRC) Ministry of Health (MOH) Secretariat for GRC PRs. This includes assisting in developing a coordination forum to discuss and monitor tasks that are critical to program implementation.
  • Strengthen communication between the USG, CCM, Global Fund Secretariat, PRs, other donors, and implementing partners. Maintain ongoing communication with CCM representatives, the Global Fund Secretariat, the Global Fund Portfolio Management (Country) Team (Geneva), and other stakeholders to ensure that all parties are well-informed on the status of Global Fund and USG activities.
  • Evaluate needs and coordinate technical assistance requests to strengthen Global Fund implementation and management, including the improvement of CCM governance and oversight. This may involve coordinating with U.S. bilateral and headquarters-based technical assistance as well as local entities such as United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), World Health Organization (WHO), and other multilateral and bilateral agencies.

B. Program Management and Coordination Functions – 30% of time

C. Monitoring and Reporting – 10% of time

  • Ensure that Global Fund and USG resources are effectively used for increased program impact. This includes coordinating the joint engagement of USG implementing partners and PRs in the implementation of USG and Global Fund-supported interventions in the three focal areas.
  • Participate in technical committee meetings, site visits (for both the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) and USG), and GFATM grant monitoring (i.e. oversight) activities as appropriate to strengthen sound implementation, accurate reporting, and to identify technical assistance needs.
  • Provide technical and programmatic support to grants, committees or CCM, both directly and through coordination with other USG expertise, USG mechanisms, or donors.
  • Ensure coordination on commodity quantification, procurement, distribution, and reporting between the USG and Global Fund Programs, especially for HIV and TB in collaboration with Cameroon’s National AIDS Coordinating Committee (NACC) and the National TB Program.
  • Support and facilitate PEPFAR and Global Fund rationalization discussion to help ensure a smooth transition of PEPFAR sustained sites, where applicable.
  • Facilitate regular communication and transparency between PRs and USG to ensure donor systems are aligned and minimum package of services is maintained across donors.
  • Identify and implement innovative approaches that improve the collaboration with host country, other donors, and implementing partners in order to achieve the PEPFAR goals.
  • Provide regular updates to the PEPFAR Agency Leads, USG technical staff, and relevant sections in the Embassy to ensure coordination between USG and the Global Fund; and that all USG parties are well apprised of key Global Fund accomplishments, challenges, options to address issues/concerns and timelines.
  • Ensuring that PEPFAR partner reporting information is appropriately shared between the Global Fund (PRs, Secretariat, CCM, LFA) and USG.
  • Participate in the preparation and writing of key USG planning and budgeting documents that relate to Global Fund activities (as needed during the six-month period), such as i. The multilateral sections of the 2016 PEPFAR Country Operational Plan (COP16), PEPFAR Quarterly Reporting (POART), PEPFAR Semi-Annual Progress (S/APR 2016) and Annual Progress reports; ii. Malaria and TB Operational Plans, and Performance Reports; and iii. Cables.
  • Help coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of transition plans of HIV support, particularly transition between the Global Fund and PEPFAR.
  • Assist the NACC in meeting reporting deadlines.

D. Other Duties and Responsibilities - 10% of time

  • Participate in PEPFAR interagency and field TWG coordinating meetings. 
  • Participate in PEPFAR Agency Leads team meetings if GFATM issues are discussed.
  • Participate in Department of State health team and mission-wide meetings as needed.
  • Assist USG representatives at the CCM.
  • Prepare ad hoc communication materials (speeches, press releases, talking points, and others) on the progress of the Global Fund program implementation and the USG involvement as its largest contributor.
  • Provide or assist with training of USG staff regarding Global Fund processes and policies and communicates Global Fund policy changes to USG staff as appropriate.
  • Serve as secretariat for USG on meetings related to Global Fund.
  • Organize, disseminate, and retain records of meetings, regular communications with the CCM, Global Fund Secretariat, and related participating USG agency staff.
  • Upon request by the agency, support efforts by USG PEPFAR implementing agencies to recruit, qualify, and successfully engage new, especially indigenous, partners in Global Fund activities.
  • Work with the USG Communication Specialists at the Embassy, including the Office of Public Affairs, the Development and Small Grants Coordinator and USG PEPFAR technical staff to prepare and disseminate periodic internal and external reports on the collaboration of USG and Global Fund for effective program implementation.
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by the PEPFAR Coordinator or their designee.


Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified. 

EDUCATION: A Master’s degree in public health, development, or program management is required.

EXPERIENCE: At least 5 years of progressive and responsible experience in public health, development or diplomacy including experience in strategic planning, activity design, program planning, budgeting, and monitoring & evaluation is required, with an international organization or a large local organization.

LANGUAGE: Level IV (Fluency) Speaking/Reading/Writing English and French is required. (This will be tested.)


The incumbent must have:

  • Demonstrated ability to initiate, establish, and maintain liaison activities with the major multilateral and bilateral stakeholders.
  • Strong interpersonal communication ability, including excellent oral presentation and writing skills in English and French.
  • High level of judgment, maturity, ingenuity, and originality to develop strategies and to analyze, develop, monitor, and evaluate program implementation.
  • Proven leadership skills, including experience with negotiation and consensus building.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to frequent programmatic changes.
  • Excellent computer skills, especially with Excel, Power Point and other spreadsheet software.

(Skills and abilities may be tested.)

JOB KNOWLEDGE: The jobholder must have:

  • Knowledge of and commensurate experience with USG efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in developing countries through integrated prevention, treatment and care interventions. Knowledge of tuberculosis and malaria will be advantageous though not essential.
  • Updated knowledge of Global Fund program development, management, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Knowledge of Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism eligibility requirements and minimum standards under the New Funding Model.
  • Good and proven knowledge of Cameroon’s health system or a strong experience in a similar country.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

  1. Universal Application for Employment (UAE) (Form DS-174), which is available on our website or by contacting Human Resources.  (See “For Further Information” above);         
  2. Any additional documentation that supports or addresses the requirements listed above (e.g. transcripts, degrees, etc.)


Human Resources Office

P.O. Box 817, Tel.: 222-201-500, Ext 4006, U.S. Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon

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