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USAID Executive Specialist

Posté : 13-07-2017 Nom de l’employeur : U.S. Embassy
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 2161
Type d'emploi : CDI Postulants : 0

Job Advert: USAID Executive Specialist

OPEN TO: All Interested Candidates / All Sources

CLOSING DATE: 07/26/2017

WORK HOURS: Full-time, 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE: FSN-10 (CFA 19,181,721 – CFA 30,298,933 p.a.) depending on qualification and experience.

The U.S. Mission in Yaounde, Cameroon is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual for the position of Executive Specialist in the Cameroon field office of USAID/West Africa.


The – Executive Specialist position is established to perform the full extent of EXO duties permitted by USG regulations and USAID policies, to include management of Human Resources, Communications and Records, Information Technology, and fulfillment of General Services from ICASS and direct sources. The Specialist is responsible for planning and executing administrative management functions of the Executive Office, subject to signatory approval of the USAID Representative.

The Executive Specialist will ensure effective management of OE, and PEPFAR-funded Management and Staffing resources in Cameroon. The primary responsibility is to oversee the Executive Office (EXO) functions, advise Office of USAID Representative and senior management on all administrative management policies and procedures, represent USAID on interagency committees and administrative/management groups, serve as a technical mentor to the staff, and assist and support the USAID/West Africa Regional Mission (USAID/WA) financial management office as needed.

The Executive Specialist is directly responsible to oversee all EXO functions and support received from ICASS and USAID/WA, these include but are not limited to: USDH, FSN, and USPSC personnel management; the International Cooperative Administrative Service System (ICASS); Communications (non-classified); records management; procurement; travel management; office systems and procedures; computer systems; financial management; USAID Implementing Partner (IP or Institutional Contractor) support; and, staff training. The Executive Specialist is an important member of the Mission management team. The Executive Specialist’s work, management skills, and inter-personal relationships will greatly affect EXO performance, and its support to USAID/Cameroon. In addition, the Executive Specialist is expected to initiate projects affecting EXO performance, relationships with USAID/Cameroon programs and other customers, the US Embassy, USAID/WA, and IPs. With supervision by the USAID Representative, the Executive Specialist is expected to initiate, plan, manage, and complete a full array of assignments and reports.

The Specialist ensures that the EXO Office operates to its maximum ability to meet the needs of the USAID/Cameroon.


This position has four core areas of responsibility: administrative support, program management and documentation, performance monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and political and social analysis. Each of these areas is detailed below: 

Office Management – 40% Exercises day-to-day operational responsibility over all the EXO functions, carrying out a variety of administrative functions in support of the Office’s role and functions, as follows:

  • Assists Cameroon employees in resolving problems. Provides guidance, and monitors progress. Monitors performance of tasks assigned by the EXO. Manages submission of performance evaluation reports of all Cameroon staff, and advises on employees awards, promotions, or disciplinary action. – Schedules Office staff meetings to facilitate communication. Advises all staff on travel regulation and policies, oversees leave, and training plans, and discusses them with the employees.
  • Attends senior staff meetings and ensures that actions assigned during such meetings are carried out in a timely manner. Provides expert advice to USAID/Cameroon Management on the full range of management functions, strategies, and resources. Coordinates the issuance of Mission Orders and Mission Notices on policies and procedures applicable to the entire Mission. Personally drafts, or participates in drafting, those areas related to administrative management, contracting/procurement, and personnel issues. Conducts studies, and advises USAID/Cameroon management on improving the overall performance of the Office, to ensure the most effective utilization of personnel, including reorganization of Office functions, realignment of duties or work schedules, etc.
  • The Specialist serves as the primary point of contact and works closely with the Management Counselor, Financial Management, Human Resources, and GSO; facilitates the NSDD-38 process and budgeting, funding, and arrival coordination for off-shore staff; and, ensures that arrival notifications include accurate information on Diplomatic Titles, medical clearances, and security clearances.
  • The Specialist provides liaison with USAID West Africa Regional Mission Administrative Liaison, serving as the primary point of contact for all administrative matters with USAID/WA; and, follows-up on pending actions and insures accuracy of the flow of information to and from USAID/WA.

Supervises all Administrative Services – 40% Provides first-line and second-line supervision of Administrative Services.

  • Personnel Management – Responsible for USDH, USPSC, and FSN personnel management. Assists in interpretation of complicated contract language and regulations. Liaisons with USAID/Washington HCTM, on a broad range of personnel management matters. Represents the Office in, and occasionally chairs, interview/recruitment panels, the Mission’s Training Committee, and the Mission’s Awards Committee. Acts as key advisor to the Executive Officer in all phases of personnel recruitment. Formulates and publishes Personnel-related policy Orders and Notices.
  • ICASS GSO Liaison – Ensures that maintenance work orders, NXP requests, transportation requirements, procurement requests, customs clearances, etc. are properly assigned and acted upon in a timely fashion. With residential maintenance problems, discusses the specific problem or concern, and coordinates with the ICASS GSO or Facilities Management on repair and on preventive maintenance.
  • Space Management –  Responsible for the efficient us of USAID space in the NEC; and, works with Embassy Facilities Maintenance and space planners to coordinate furniture and equipment purchases and schedule installation in order that USAID staff has appropriate work environments.
  • Data Management – manages information technology operations, USAID/Cameroon managed servers, Washington-managed servers, and client stations, providing both internal and remote access to application software and the Internet.
  • Property Management – Manages USAID IT and Office Equipment through the entire life cycle, from requirements estimating, to replacement budgeting, procurement, inspection and receipt, and inventory, through disposal. Ensures that annual budget for NXP is used in accordance with established ordering plans, and that goods are procured as budgeted and on schedule; reviews receiving and inspection reports; assures that disposal reports are prepared on time; oversees preparation and submission of inventory reports; and, ensures that official inventory records are kept up-to-date with the latest property transactions. Ensures that HHE, UAB, and consumable shipments for USDH, USPSC, and any TCNPSC staff are received, cleared, and delivered through the Embassy Shipping and Customs Office, and/or exported promptly following packing. Serves as a point of contact with employees on their incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Procurement – works closely with the USAID/WA HR Specialist to ensure PSC and FSN/LE Staff contracting actions are processed efficiently; and, coordinates with the A&A Specialist, Embassy/GSO, and the Accra Controller to ensure critical procurements are funded on time.
  • Serves as a Mission Procurement Agent, works very closely with Embassy GSO Procurement staff on procurement issues, including selection of vendors, preparation of Scopes of Work, and follow up when goods have been on order and not yet received, and end-use surveys.
  • Ensures that off-the-shelf purchases required for daily work are in accordance with established guidance. Monitors the maintenance of lists containing vendors and contractors who can provide regularly required goods or services, to minimize searching for items.
  • Communications and Records – Ensures that USAID Cameroon staff have a clear understanding of all mail processing and records management procedures and regulations.

Manages OE and Program Administrative Support Budget Preparation and Execution – 20% 

  • Works with the USAID/WA Supervisory Executive Officer and the USAID/WA Controller to prepare the annual OE budget submission, to include ICASS workload counts, subscription of services, invoice reviews. Cooperates with the Controller and Program Officer in preparing the administrative support portion of the Program Budget. Provides detailed planning assistance regarding the Mission’s logistical needs and requirements, makes sure that the budget accommodates Mission requirements, and assures that goods/services included in the budget are obtained and provided to the Mission.


Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

Education:University degree, in business administration, financial management, or a field related to administrative management is required.

Prior Work Experience: Minimum of four years of progressively responsible experience in two or more phases of administrative management, administrative/logistic support services and a minimum of three of the following fields: Personnel Administration, General Services, Motor Pool Management, Property Management, and Procurement.

Language Proficiency: Level III in English and French (Professional) are required.

Job Knowledge: Incumbent must have an expert knowledge of a highly technical body of USG, and Cameroonian laws, regulations, instructions, procedures, policies, and practices relevant to administrative management, personnel, budget and fiscal administration, travel, building management, GSO/property management, procurement/contracting, C&R, and other administrative procedures, regulations, and requirements sufficient to provide administrative and technical (when required) supervision of all Executive Office functions. Must possess familiarity with methods and policies of USG Agencies.

Skills and Abilities: Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills, tact, and diplomacy are required. The incumbent should also have good leadership/managerial skills, and a personality that inspires confidence in FSN employees and permits the maintenance of effective working relationships with employees and supervisors. The following are required: ability to forecast needs for resources, and to plan and assess problems and develop realistic solutions; ability to train FSN personnel, and to tactfully and efficiently work with American officers and FSN personnel so that the Executive Office provides the best administrative support services to the Mission; ability to create and maintain a good working climate in order to ensure maximum productivity in a service-oriented fashion; ability to negotiate effectively with Embassy and ICAAS administrative personnel, and host-country government and business officials, on USAID operations and resources.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested individuals should submit a signed cover letter, relevant certificates, CV with references to: acpersonnel@usaid.gov

Note: When submitting your application, start the subject line with the position title. Failure to state this and submit signed letter with relevant documents will disqualify applicant.

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