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Posté : 15-04-2017 Nom de l’employeur : U.S. Embassy
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 2190
Type d'emploi : CDI Postulants : 0

Job Advert: Warehouseman

The U.S. Mission in Yaounde, Cameroon is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position Warehouseman.  This position is located in Yaounde, Cameroon.

CLOSING DATE: April 19, 2017

WORK HOURS: Full time, 40 hours/week


Under the direct supervision of the Warehouse Supervisor, the incumbent is responsible for the day-to-day unloading, loading, storing, delivery and movement of furniture, household effects, equipment and supplies to U.S. Government residences and offices.  Other duties include: assembling and disassembling party supply items to include large tents; delivering and picking up cargo at the airport; assisting in arranging items for sale or disposal; taking part in weekly control and delivery of cooking gas and keeping record for eventual billing; and assisting the Receiving Clerk in checking the quantity, content and condition of cartons or boxes.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities for Warehouseman:

55% of Time

Delivers furniture, HHE, consumables, UAB, appliances and other non-expendable supplies as approved by the GSO to offices and residences.  Assembles furniture and equipment prior to delivery as needed. Assists in selecting appropriate furniture and matching of styles and fabrics.

25% of Time

Reports to Warehouse Supervisor and /or Property Management Supervisor, any problems with the warehouse and its contents, and with non-expendable property issued. Delivers, assembles and disassembles party supply items to include large tents. Arrange clean and assist in inventory of items in storage room 158, containers and any other storage area outside the embassy compound.  Delivers and picks up cargo at the airport. Moves non-expendable items within and among offices and residences as directed by GSO.

15% of Time

Assists in arranging items for sale or disposal. Arranges furniture and other supplies on shelves in the warehouse. Keeps the warehouse clean and organized in order to promptly and safely obtain and deliver requested items. Take part in weekly control and delivery of cooking gas and keep accurate record for eventual billing.

5% of Time

Unloads and stores supplies, furniture, equipment etc… upon arrival at the Embassy warehouse. Assists the Receiving Clerk to open and check quantities and condition of cartons or boxes. Operates small forklift as needed.  Assist in annual inventory as well as check-in and check-out inventories.


Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified. 

EDUCATION: GCE “O” level or BEPC or an equivalent diploma is required.

EXPERIENCE: At least six months experience as a warehouseman in an international organization or large local institution of at least 50 or more employees is required.

LANGUAGE: Level II (Limited Knowledge) speaking/understanding of English and French are required. (This will be tested.)

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Incumbent must be able to perform moderately heavy work and make heavy lifts at times. (This will be tested.)

JOB KNOWLEDGE: Incumbent must be able to locate various items in the warehouse and recognize items from oral or written descriptions or sight.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

  1. Universal Application for Employment (UAE) (Form DS-174), which is available on our website or by contacting Human Resources. (See “For Further Information” above);
  2. Any additional documentation that supports or addresses the requirements listed above (e.g. transcripts, degrees, etc.)


Human Resources Office

P.O. Box 817, Tel.: 222-201-500, Ext 4006, U.S. Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon

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