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Administrative Assistant

Posté : 01-11-2016 Nom de l’employeur : U.S. Embassy
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 2917
Type d'emploi : CDI Postulants : 0

Job Advert: Administrative Assistant

The U.S. Mission in Yaounde, Cameroon is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Administrative Assistant in the Force Protection Detachment Section.  This position is located in Yaounde, Cameroon.

CLOSING DATE: November 10, 2016 at 16:00

WORK HOURS: Full time, 40 hours/week


Under the supervision of the Force Protection Chief, incumbent will serve as Administrative Assistant for the Force Protection Detachment (FPD) Section. Duties include: all administrative and clerical tasks; liaison with other Embassy offices and the Force Protection Detachment Headquarters; maintaining and tracking FPD budget and coordinating with Embassy Budget section for all invoices and bills processing.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities for Administrative Assistant:

A. Administrative Duties  - 50% of Time                                  

  • Operates a personal computer and Microsoft office software.  Serve as FPD ICASS representative.  Makes and tracks Embassy work orders.  Arranges travel for FPD through the use of E-2 travel database.  Determines office needs for supplies and stationary.  Receives requests for new equipment maintenance.  Acts as a time and attendance bookkeeper.  Receives and distributes interoffice mail. 
  • Administrative Requests: Initiates procurement actions, travel orders, utility bills processing, vehicles requests, expediter requests, and airline reservations through e-services, Ariba, Webpass and e-mail. Copies, distributes and files documents as required, initiates requests for supplies and equipment repair or replacement and ensures office supplies are readily available, maintains data on FPD equipment and property.
  • Correspondence and filing: Prepares and types correspondence including standard memos, cables and note verbale for the Ministry of External Relations; Drafts basic reports and send emails to contacts on a recurring basis, ensures that official correspondence, policies, and other documents are correctly identified, distributed, addressed and filed.
  • Meetings, visitors and contacts: Schedules meetings and appointments of the FPD Section and maintains the calendar of the FPD Section Chief, requests for use of the various Embassy conference rooms, receives telephone calls, escorts visitors, assists in the arrangement of travel for visitors and maintains accurate and up-to-date contact names and numbers for critical points of contact in private and government organizations

B. Financial Duties - 20% of Time

  • Monitor spending and ensure FPD is on spending "glide path" to execute all FY funds during FY.  Create spreadsheet for forecasting out FY estimates.  Makes all office purchases, reviews all invoices and monitors all receipts for FPD expenditures.
  • Maintain spreadsheet for all FPD operational working funds.  Is familiar with NCIS instructions on these expenditures.  Reviews all submissions for accuracy and coordinates these with FPD HQ to ensure reimbursement.  Tracks expenditures in order to ensure FPD is on FY spend plan schedule that does not exceed annual limitation.  Maintains receipts and hardcopies of all expenses for NCIS HQ office inspections. 

C. Database Update - 20% of Time

  • Reviews open source media outlets as well as daily messages for any/all information on force protection related matters.  Analyzes information and discern which report needs to be shared with FPD chief for further review/dissemination.  Inputs relevant information into FPD database.  Upload all relevant articles to FPD database.  Other clerical work as requested.  

D. Other Tasks – 10% of Time

  • Communicates with other outside entities and performs other tasks as assigned.


Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified. 

Education: A two-year university studies diploma (Associate Degree, DEUG, BTS, or equivalent) is required.

Experience: At least two years of clerical and/or office management experience. Experience using spreadsheets with demonstration of basic accounting skills and experience analyzing information to identify job related content is required.

Language: Level IV (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing of English and French are required. (This will be tested.)

Skills and Abilities: Must display strong interpersonal skills to communicate clearly with other Embassy personnel. Must have analytical ability to read multiple open source and cable system reports to decide which pertain to Force Protection matters.  Must be able to issue, track and account for office and technical equipment.  Must be able to review excel spreadsheets and ensure they capture FPD weekly operational activities. (This will be tested.)

Job Knowledge: Applicant must have good knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel and Access.  Applicant must be able to learn Department of State telegram system and Department of Defense environment.


Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered.  Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

  1. Universal Application for Employment (UAE) (Form DS-174), which is available on our website or by contacting Human Resources.  (See “For Further Information” above);         
  2. Any additional documentation that supports or addresses the requirements listed above (e.g. transcripts, degrees, etc.)


Human Resources Office

P.O. Box 817, Tel.: 222-201-500, Ext 4006, U.S. Embassy Yaoundé, Cameroon

E-mail Address: ydeapplicants@state.gov  

Indicate the “position title” on the subject line

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