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Posté : 10-06-2019 Nom de l’employeur : Mentor Initiative
Lieu : Buéa Vues : 1572
Type d'emploi : CDD Postulants : 0
Date expiration : 13-06-2019


The Mentor Initiative (MI) acts in some of the world’s most austere and vulnerable communities. Regardless of race, creed or nationality, MENTOR aims to deliver disease control to populations at greatest risk of suffering and death. Mentor’s first and last considerations are the needs of the people it serves.

The MENTOR Initiative saves lives in emergencies through tropical disease control and then stays to help people recover from crisis with dignity, working side by side with communities, health workers and health authorities to leave a lasting impact.

In Cameroon, MI has arrived at the end of 2018 to assess the humanitarian needs in the South West region and is planning to start an emergency public health intervention in Kumba and Mamfe health districts, focusing on health, water and sanitation. For this purpose, MI will open an office in Buea in June 2019. The recruitment of international and national staff has started in the meantime. 

Job Location: BUEA

Beginning of contract: 1st of July 2019

Contract duration: 5 months with possibility of extension

Probation period: 2 months

What we offer: Salary + Social benefits (medical coverage, paid leaves)

Deadline date for submission: 13/06/2019

Job Description


At his/her assigned base level, the administrative assistant supports the logistics and administrative manager in the processing of accounting operations as well as all tasks relating to Human Resources 

List of main tasks:

Administrative management of personnel:

  • Welcome and participate in administrative briefing of new personnel
  • Assist the logistics and administrative manager for the administrative management of recruitment and hiring 
  • Participate in the organization of training
  • Ensure archiving and monitoring of individual dossiers and deliver all documents relative to the professional life of Mentor Initiative employees
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all HR datas
  • Participate in the monitoring of work contracts on the base 
  • Collect payment details and integrate them into the Human resources management software (Homère)
  • Issue pay slips and supervise payment of salaries after approval by the logistics and administrative manager 
  • Calculate taxes and duties and create pay records for the relevant organizations 
  • Keep an organization chart up to date for the base
  • Assist the administrative in the organization and conduct of meetings with personnel representatives
  • Participate in the application of policies relating to salaries and benefits for Mentor Initiative
  • Monitor changes in the cost of living

Team management:

  • Train and support team members under his or her supervision 
  • Ensure the minimal replacement of members of the admin services in case of absence (days of, sickness etc.)
  • Treasury / accounting / management:
  • Supervise the physical maintenance and safety of cash boxes
  • Prepare monthly closing, revision and integrity of accounts for the base 
  • Issue vouchers, supervise archiving of records 
  • Participate in audits or any checks issued by partners or head office, at the base level 
  • Participate in the consolidation of budget follow ups and cash forecasts at the base level 
  • Monitor due dates for payments of contracts managed by the logistics and administrative manager 
  • List liquidity needs in concert with the logistics and administrative manager
  • Carry out pay-outs and advances, within established guidelines 
  • Keep the registry of cash pay-outs and the cashier’s register 
  • Record budgetary transfers and keep accounting codes
  • Verify, before recording, that records conform to regulations and procedures of Mentor Initiative
  • Exchange currencies at request of superiors 
  • Verify cash balances daily and report any discrepancies to superior 
  • Archive accounting records according to Mentor Initiative procedures after a final verification of receipts etc.
  • Guarantee security of the cash and confidentiality of information 

Reporting / communication:

  • Participate in supervision of regulations in effect 
  • Aid logistics and administrative manager in relations with administrative authorities


Personal abilities:

  • Previous experience with an INGO in similar positions would be an asset
  • Strong ability to respect confidentiality and neutrality principles 
  • Strong knowledge of Humanitarian principles 
  • Productivity and ability to work under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Dynamism and energy

Technical competences:

  • Accountant or Business Administration Bachelor 
  • Proven experience as assistant in the area of administration, finance and HR
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office, high level in excel
  • Knowledge and experience working with softwares of Human Resources management
  • Reporting / Communication skills

ORG CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)

  • Line manager:  Logistics and Administrative Manager
  • Line report(s) on base: - Field Coordinator
  • Functional manager: - Logistics and Administrative Manager
  • Functional report(s): - Administrative Coordinator    


Please submit your application (CV, cover letter, studies and work certificates, references)  per email: Recruitment.mentor.initiative@gmail.com  with the subject “Admin Assist application form

Important: the position you want to apply for has to be specified in the subject of your e-mail, otherwise the application will not be considered as valid.

The Mentor Initiative reserves the right to select a candidate and finalize the recruitment before the final date.

ONLY the selected candidate will be contacted.

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