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Commodity Manager

Posté : 05-12-2018 Nom de l’employeur : Nascent Solutions, Inc.
Lieu : Kumbo Vues : 423
Type d'emploi : CDD Postulants : 0

JOB ADVERT: Commodity Manager


Working directly under the supervision of the Country Director, the Commodity Manager will be responsible for overseeing the overall management of all project commodities in compliance with donor and Nascent’s regulations. S/he is responsible to perform functions relating to food pipelines, claims, food entries and payment requests for transportation of food commodities and reporting. S/he will ensure communication with various partners including forwarding agents, surveyors and transporters.

Location: Kumbo, Cameroon

Type of Employment: Salaried, full-time

Reporting: Reports to Nascent’s Country Director

Duties and Responsibilities

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • Develop, in conjunction with the warehouse personnel a work-plan to ensure smooth warehouse activities and in conjunction with the transporters, to ensure a smooth trucking of commodities.
  • Ensure that adequate security and sufficient labor are available at the warehouse for the commodity receipt and discharge operations. Arrange with trucking companies to ensure adequate provision of trucks for the transportation of commodities.
  • Ensure that warehouses are managed in compliance with USDA Regulation (1499 and 1599) guidelines.
  • Ensure that warehouse personnel adhere to the FIFO principle.  
  • Ensure proper distribution/transportation of commodities to schools.
  • Prepare Food Pipeline analyses.
  • Maintain PL filing system and other related shipping files, including Bills of Lading, commodity PL#, survey reports and other required documentations.
  • Review survey reports covering each shipment of commodities and compare results with warehouse receipt figures and subsequently report all discrepancies regarding the report to the Country Director within three days after submission by the Independent Surveyor and prepare certificate of foreign receipt for each shipment per quantity.  
  • Ensure that short-landing and other certificates are obtained from the relevant authorities and prepare draft responses when appropriate and submit same to the Country Director.
  • Inspect the warehouses and examine the stock cards and warehouse ledgers and ensure that all receipts, transfers and dispatches are recorded and that these recordings are accurate and kept current.  
  • Participate in receipt of commodity at the port and provide daily update to the Country Director
  • Follow up to make sure monthly physical inventories are conducted. Analyze monthly physical inventory reports and take necessary action to improve warehouse activities.  
  • Ensure that the re-conditioning of the commodity is done in compliance with the commodity management principles and that the re-conditioning report covers all re-conditioning activities; submit same to the Country Director.
  • Ensure that warehouse personnel inspect equipment including scales, pallets, . and all warehouses to ensure that they are in good condition and that the roof is free from any leakage.  
  • Review all loss reports prepared by warehouse personnel and report any discrepancies to the Country Director.
  • Inform the Country Director when food commodities considered unfit need to be inspected and certified as such by the relevant authorities.  Make arrangement for same.
  • Prepare unfit disposal request and other related communications in accordance with Regulations, and prepare draft correspondence to USDA for review by Country Director.
  • Prepare monthly excel ledger commodity report to be submitted to HQ
  • Prepare accurate and timely quarterly Commodity Status Report (CSR), Recipients Status Report (RSR), Loss Status Report (LSR).
  • Prepare commodity section of the semiannual logmon reports to be submitted to USDA
  • Prepare and follows-up on all necessary claims against third parties. Follow-up and ascertain that all DMCR are prepared monthly and submitted to USDA.
  • Update all records and ledgers including the Master Commodity Ledger, Shipping Ledger, Loss and Claims Ledger.
  • Perform other duties as designated by the Country Director.


  • A Degree or equivalent in Accounting, Statistics, Planning Logistics or social sciences.
  • Four (4) years working experience in the Management of Food Warehouses.
  • Experience with USG commodities

Personal Skills:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good knowledge of clearing and forwarding procedures in Cameroon.
  • Knowledge of English and French
  • Excellent interpersonal and representation skills
  • Self motivated and organized
  • Ability and willingness to travel whenever need be
  • Must have proven analytical / problem solving abilities.
  • Independent thinker, ability to identify potential problems and offer solutions

About Nascent Solutions

Nascent Solutions (Nascent) is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit international development organization. Its mission is to enable vulnerable people, especially women and children in rural Africa, to develop skills for self-sufficiency. The organization’s areas of focus are food security and nutrition, health, literacy and skills development, and gender equity.

How to Apply

Please submit a CV and cover letter to: Apply@nascents.org.

Closing date for applications is December 8, 2018.

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