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Posté : 13-08-2018 Nom de l’employeur : ACMS
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 852
Type d'emploi : CDD Postulants : 0


Background and rationale:
The Cameroon Association for Social Marketing (ACMS) is seeking to recruit an Accountant (M/F) for ACMS Headquarters in Yaoundé.
The successful candidate will have as main missions: to develop and manage all accounting and financial operations, namely the verification of accounting documents, documentation, pre-recording and posting, to prepare the various accounting and financial elements to be addressed to donors and programs, to ensure control and financial accounts reporting in accordance with standard practice.
He/she will be responsible for daily accounting and financial operations and will be in charge of providing quality services for all projects and supporting all services and personnel on planning, organization and administration.
ACMS is a network member of Population Services International (PSI). PSI is a globally-renowned health organization with programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV and reproductive health.

Duty station: Yaoundé
Type of contract: 2 (two) years fixed-term (CDD) with open-ended (CDI) renewal option
Date of start of employment: October 2018
Position level: 9th category, level A of tertiary sector II of the National Collective Agreement on Trade.

Job Description
Under the Administrative supervision of the Zone I Regional Manager and Technical supervision of the Financial Controller, the Regional Accountant of the Office in Douala will have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure book keeping of project documents and guarantee that they comply with ACMS policies and procedures;
  • Supervise activities and carry out stock inventories at the level of the store;
  • Ensure rigorous control of project vouchers;
  • Ensure permanent availability of resources necessary for the smooth running of projects;
  • Monitors the recovery of debts;
  • Ensuring account control and timely payment of debts to suppliers of good and services;
  • Monitor the accounts of travel and activity advances;
  • Carry out all bank related transactions and produce bank reconciliation statements in real time;
  • Ensure compliance with accounting and sales and inventory management procedures;
  • Ensure proper record-keeping and classification of accounting documents;
  • Perform all other duties related to his/her activities as assigned by hierarchy.

Skills, Qualifications and professional experience required

  • Be of Cameroonian nationality or be authorized to work in Cameroon;
  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Management, Finance, or any other academic diploma recognized as equivalent;
  • Have at least 5 (five) years of proven professional experience, as an Accountant or Chief accountant, in an international non-governmental organization or in a private enterprise or company comparable to ACMS in size;
  • Computer knowledge is mandatory, notably the usual accounting, word processing and spreadsheet software (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.) Knowledge of the QBE software would be an asset;
  • Have supervised at least two to three assistants in an accounting department;
  • Have knowledge and experience of international NGO systems;
  • Be fluent in French and/or English and have sufficient mastery of the other language;
  • Have good interpersonal relation skills;
  • Key competencies required: have in-depth knowledge of internal auditing procedures and good knowledge of accounting, finance and management; be able to communicate effectively; be able to bring about change/innovation; be proactive; have results-based management, negotiation, planning and organization skills.

Additional skills required:

  • Have good public relations skills;
  • Be honest and demonstrate commitment and ability to work in harmony with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures;
  • Have sound organized skills;
  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty and good character;
  • Promote and defend integrity;
  • Promote and defend organizational priorities;
  • Be able to demonstrate skills in the management of human relations, communication and individual development;
  • Have a structured mind and good aptitudes in oral and written expression;
  • Be willing to work under heavy time pressure and be self-questioning.

Application file:

  1. A motivation letter addressed to the Executive Director of ACMS;
  2. A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) following the from available for this purpose on the website: htpp:// www.acms-cm.org;
  3. Photocopies of diplomas required.
  4. A photocopy the valid National Identity Card or any other authorized identification document;
  5. A certificate of non-conviction not more than three months old;
  6. Photocopies of documents justifying the candidate’s experiences (Attestation of internship and employment, work certificate and/or any other document relating thereto).

Submission of files:
The complete files should be submitted in an anonymous envelope with the mention: “Application for the position of Accountant at the ACMS Headquarters in Yaoundé

  1. At the headquarters of the ACMS in Yaoundé, located in the district Mballa II at Dragages Tel/Fax: 222 20 92 24
  2. At the regional Office in Garoua located in the Marouaré district behing Grande Mosque de Poumpoumre Tel: 222 20 02
  3. At the Maroua liaison office located in Dougai district Tel: 656 23 93 04 / 656 20 03 12
  4. At the Ngaoundere liaison Office located in the administrative neighborhood, Tel: 690 12 46 66 / 694 53 54 03
  5. At the regional office in Douala located in the Ndogbati district (Carrefour Agip) next to the Maison du cycle Tel: 333 41 11 12
  6. At Bamenda Regional Office at COW STREET-NKWEN Tel: 333 36 20 79

Deadline for the admissibility of the files: Friday, 17th August 2018

Female and male candidates are strongly encouraged to apply and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
ACMS reserves the right to recruit at a lower level or on the basis of a modified job profile

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