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Posté : 07-03-2018 Nom de l’employeur : ACMS
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 1644
Type d'emploi : CDD Postulants : 0



Background and rationale

The Cameroon Association for Social Marketing (ACMS) is accepting applications for an, Assistant Advocacy Coordinator (M/F).

The successful candidate should have strong analytical skills and should be able to assume a wide range of responsibilities as part of the Jeune S3 Project. The person will be Yaoundé and will travel frequently throughout the country, especially to the east and far North Regions. He/she will provide technical support in advocacy and all aspects related to the substantial participation of youths in the project.

The Jeune S3 Project (Health, Sexuality and Security) receives funding from the Dutch Government through CORDAID (Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid) and its partners PSI-Europe (Population Services International-Europe), and Swiss TPH (Siws Tropical and Public Health Institute). The Cameroon Association for Social Marketing (ACMS), partner of PSI, coordinates the project in Cameroon.

The overall objective of the Project is to strengthen the capacities and to uphold the rights of the youth, especially of young girls (10-14 years old) and key populations, to make choices and take informed decisions on their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) as create favourable conditions of youth’s access to sexual and reproductive health services. The Program is being implemented in the Democratic republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Benin and Cameroon, with a focus on the fundamental rights of all youth (10-24). The retained candidate will collaborate with peers from these countries. Achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) cannot be taken for granted in fragile contexts, notably in Central Africa. Young people face many challenges including violence, insecurity, lack or insufficient social protection and income. Quality information on SRHR does not reach young people while the adapted SRHR services are widely unavailable and inacessessible. Furthermore, young people are at risk of being exploited or subjected to sexual violence in conflict areas. The Program perceives all young people and key populations as unique individuals with aspirations, potentials and rights. They have various needs in sexual and reproductive health and can face multiple obstackles.

In the case of Cameroon, the project is implemented in the Far-North and East regions, specifically in the Diamaré and Mayo Kani divisions in the Far North, as well as Lom and Djerem and Upper Nyong in the East.

Workplace: Yaoundé

Type of contract: Fixed-term contract

Starting date: February 2018

Position level: 10th category, level B of tertiary sector II of the Collective Agreement on Trade.

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Senior Project Coordinator (SPC), the Advocacy Assistant Coordinator will be responsible for:

Youth Coordination

  • Coordinate and support the capacity development and advocacy trajectory of the Youth the project including Youth Ambassadors and Associations
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Action plan for the Youth Ambassadors under the project 
  • Identify Advocacy Capacity Building Aspect for the youth with technical support from the SPC and Cordia home office
  • Prepare the Youth Ambassadors to participate in regional / internal events and National / International Steering Committee meetings.
  • Monitor Youth Ambassadors participating in regional / international events

Coordination of Advocacy Actions

  • Set up an advocacy strategy targeting previously identified stakeholders in collaboration with the senior Project Coordinator and the advocacy task force established by CORDAID;
  • Support and develop national advocacy campaigns on youth and SRHR based on the advocacy strategy of JS3 countries (Cameroon, DRC, CAR, Benin)
  • Establish a smart nation / community advocacy program that improves the profile and understanding of the JS3’s vision and mandate
  • Prepare national advocary material including statement, key messages, based on youth experience and contribute to the advocacy strategy
  • Contribute to the development of communication materials to support advocacy around youth engagement leadership advocacy for health and sexual and reproductive rights, and youth engagement.
  • Perform any other tasks related to the project assigned there to by hierarchy. 

Qualifications and professional experience required

  • Be of Cameroonian nationality or be authorized to work in Cameroon;
  • Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Law, communication, Health or any other degree related to development
  • Have at least 2 years professional experience in advocacy, especially on issues related to youth, gender SRHR, and / or youth mobilization
  • Speak French or English fluently and have sufficient fluently in the other language;
  • Have a good command of computer tools and software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Have experience working in a fragile context would be an asset
  • Have experience  in youth capacity building and coordination of youth organizations / movements
  • Have spent at least one year as advocacy officer in a health or development NGO would be an asset
  • Have good knowledge of sexual reproductive health of young people
  • Be willing to make regular trips to the project areas (Far North, East)
  • Familiarity with social marketing and / or NGO’s is an asset

Additional skills required:

  • Have a structured mind and a good ability to speak and write
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Able to maintain working relationships in a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment while being sensitive and respectful of diversity
  • Be creative and innovative in your work and demonstrate a good sense of integrity
  • Able to demonstrate skills in human relations management, communication
  • Have analytical thinking and results-based management skills
  • Have strong analytical skills and demonstrated ability to develop advocacy message and briefings
  • Perform tasks on time with minimal supervision
  • Good interpersonal skills and proven ability to work in a team

Application file

  1. A motivation letter;
  2. A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) following the from available for this purpose on the website: http:// www.acms-cm.org;
  3. Photocopy of the required degree;
  4. Photocopy of the valid national identity card or identification documents;
  5. Photocopies of documents justifying the candidate’s experience (Attestation of internship, employment, work certificate, or any other document relating thereto).

File submission

The complete files will be submitted in an anonymous envelop with the mention. “Applicant to the position of Assistant Advocacy Coordinator at ACMS

  1. At the headquarters of the ACMS in Yaoundé, located in the district Mballa II at Dragages Tel/Fax: 222 20 92 24
  2. At the regional Office in Garoua located in the Marouaré district behing Grande Mosque de Poumpoumre Tel: 222 20 02
  3. At the Maroua liaison office located in Dougai district Tel: 655 82 84 84 / 660 52 20 55
  4. At the Ngaoundere liaison in the administrative district Tel: 690 12 46 66 / 693 22 75 56
  5. At the regional office in Douala located in the Ndogbati district (Carrefour Agip) next to the Maison du cycle Tel: 333 41 11 12
  6. At Bamenda Regional Office at COW STREET-NKWEN Tel: 333 36 20 79

Deadline for the admissibility of the file: Monday 12 march 2018

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