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Career Development Officer

Posté : 04-05-2015 Nom de l’employeur : African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Lieu : Limbe Vues : 1805
Type d'emploi : CDI Postulants : 0

JOB ADVERTISEMENT: Career Development Officer, Limbe

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - Next Einstein Initiative is a network of innovative Pan-African Centre of Excellence for Post-graduate education, research and educational outreach. Our mission is to enable Africa's brightest students to flourish as independent thinkers, problem solvers and innovators capable of propelling African future scientific, educational advances and breakthrough discoveries which benefit the whole society.

AIMS-Cameroon is fully supported by the Government of Cameroon following the signing on July 12, 2013 of an Establishment Arrangement Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding which covers all aspects regarding the organization of academic activities.

AIMS-Cameroon is seeking a Career Development Officer, Limbe


  1. Analyse, strategize and coordinate AIMS-Cameroon Career Development efforts in collaboration with academic and program staff, external consultants, and partners in the industry.
  2. Work in close collaboration with Career Development Manager
  3. In Close collaboration with the Career Development Manager, Facilitate Employability week workshops with Academic Staff, visiting and permanent lecturers
  4. Facilitate workshops on employment topics and personal development activities.
  5. Model and promote a culture of integrated learning
  6. Facilitate the adoption of integrated learning principles
  7. Create systems to build and maintain relationships with employers
  8. Develop and maintain systems to collect and disseminate information on career opportunities(jobs and other activities, conferences and events for mathematical students) and encourage student's participation in these activities
  9. Lead the development of physical and online career resources.
  10. Present results and finding through various communication channels
  11. Provide success stories and profiles of successful alumni for external communcications
  12. Provide regular progresss reports.


  • Experience with remote staff management and coordination;
  • Experience working in the industrial sector;
  • Experience working in Africa(or at minimum, understanding of the youth employment sector in Africa)
  • Experience in two or more of : job development, marketing, direct contact sales, counselling, higher education, job placement, entrepreneurship, international development and/or recruitment;
  • Related experience which demonstrates an understanding of the barriers and issues experienced by young job seekers;
  • Knowledge, experience or interest in integrated learning and adult education;
  • Knowledge of community services, labour market, occupational requirements and job search resources;
  • Experience working in a not for profit environment;
  • Some exposure to labour market analysis;
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation, and reporting, and;
  • Exposure to Mathematics or other sciences.


  • Min. BA+6-10 years working experience in business, psychology, education, career guidance or orther relevant field, industrial sector and in two or more of either: job development, marketing, direct contact sales, higher education, entrepreneurship, counselling, international development, job placement, and/or recruitment or a relevant Masters with a 4 years working experience 
  • Fluent in English and French
  • Related experience, which demonstrates knowledge of the African Labour Market and youth employment issues.
  • Superior interpersonal, customer service and communication skills(verbal and written) to effectively negotiate, interact with and present to staff, stakeholders, and the public at all levels.
  • A collaborative style, with sensitivity to work within a dynamic environment of multi-cultures and multi-faiths.
  • Well-developed organizational skills with the ability to work independently.
  • Critical thinking abilities to analyse and identify gaps, propose solutions and implement same.
  • Proficiency with MS Office and internet applications.
  • Knowledge, experience or interest in integrated learning and adult education.
  • Knowledge of community services, labour market, occupational requirements and job search resources.
  • Exposure to Mathematics or other sciences.
  • Ability and willingness to travel, both within and outside of Africa for periodic extended in-country stays of up to2 weeks
  • Ability to work under pressure


COMMENCEMENT DUTIES: As soon as possible thereafter


  • Position is based at the Center office in Limbe and Yaounde Cameroon;
  • Possibility to travel within and outside of Africa;
  • Be prepared to work outside of normal working hours due to the 24-hour learning environment.


The renumeration package, including benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications.


Prospective candidates must submit a letter of motivation and  detailed CV, together with the names of at least two referees to:

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences(AIMS-Cameroon)



Or email to: careers@nexteinstein.org / careers@aims-cameroon.org

Should no feedback be received from AIMS-Cameroon within five weeks of your submission, kindly accept that your application did not succeed. AIMS-Cameroon reserves the right not to an appointment at its sole discretion.

02 Septembre 2019 Chief Operating Officer

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences     Limbe

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African Institute for Mathematical Sciences     Yaoundé

02 Septembre 2019 Pedagogic Advisor

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences     Yaoundé

28 Mai 2019 IT MANAGER

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences     Limbe

07 Janvier 2017 Academic Director

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences     Limbe


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