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Posté : 12-01-2021 Nom de l’employeur : Management International University
Lieu : Yaoundé Vues : 593
Type d'emploi : CDI Postulants : 0
Date expiration : 20-01-2021



Management International University (MIU) is an online university offering high-quality diplomas anywhere in the world through its digital platform. We focus on increasing our students’ knowledge, critical thinking abilities and innovative ideas to help positively impact their communities. The diplomas are developed to produce tangible skills to help our students’ move forward in their careers, whether in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors.

We know that there are many barriers to accessing quality education across the globe; one of which is the lack of technological access. E-learning allows us to reach more and more students but most importantly offers students a holistic approach to education by improving their ICT skills, connecting them with learners across the globe and dramatically increasing their access to global knowledge production. This is why we are not only offering our nonexecutive courses free of charge but are looking to help our partners on their journey to become fully equipped with the technology that they need.

We are looking for a Cameroon based Teaching Assistant to help us roll out our three diplomas. The candidate must believe in online education as a tool to improve educational attainment. Our students will be sourced from technical schools who need to complement their curricula with business driven theorical and practical knowledge to help them enter the labour market.

Weekly Time Commitment: 3-4 days a week 

Hourly Pay: competitive £12 an hour.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 2 years minimum of teaching experience in entrepreneurship and management
  • Minimum of Ma/MSc in a relevant degree
  • Proficient in IT and office programs skills
  • Fluent in English & French
  • Proficient in Moodle (optional)
  • Administrative experience
  • Private sector connections (optional)

Roles and Duties:

  1. Supervising the digital learning of students
  2. Leading thought-provoking discussion with students
  3. Supporting student’s IT questions with Moodle
  4. Reading through the students’ papers each week
  5. Marking
  6. Researching relevant educational content such as articles and academic papers that can help complement the courses
  7. Providing tailored feedback to students
  8. Devising complementary group activities based on the curriculum
  9. Being available for 2 office hour a week to receive questions face to face or through the online platform
  10. Liaising with host schools on student learning experience, student welfare and potential curricula issues
  11. Managing MIU budget, recording use of resources and providing invoices back to the core team

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