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Program Officer

Posté : 15-09-2018 Nom de l’employeur : Programme d'Appui à l'Initiative Communautaire
Lieu : Far North Vues : 803
Type d'emploi : CDD Postulants : 0

PAIC Programme d’Appui à l’Initiative Communautaire

Title:  Program Officer
Department: CIT
Employee Status: Full Time
Reports to: Chief of Party
Location:  Far North


Creative Associates International Inc. is a dynamic and fast-growing professional services firm that specializes in international development in the areas of education, democratic transitions and stabilization in post-conflict environments. Based in Washington, DC, the firm has a field presence in 20 countries worldwide with a strong and diverse portfolio that includes global contracts with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other clients including the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense. The firm has earned a solid reputation among its clients and missions worldwide and is well-regarded by competitors and partners alike.


Creative Associates International Cameroon Limited (Creative Associates) is in charge of the implementation of USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives program in Cameroon: le Programme d’Appui à l’Initiative Communautaire (PAIC).  The program will be working to stabilize communities and to reintegrate IDP’s.  The USAID/OTI Cameroon program will work at the local level in partnership with local organizations.

To lead and support the implementation of the Programme d’Appui à l’Initiative Communautaire (PAIC), Creative Associates seeks highly qualified and motivated individuals.  All positions are full time and require a willingness to travel throughout northern Cameroon.  Creative Associates is especially interested in receiving submissions from women applicants.  Only qualified candidates who follow the application instructions will be contacted.


The Program Officer (PO) is responsible for developing project concepts in the Far North and activity submissions.  The PO will interact with authorities, national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, and other groups implementing PAIC-funded activities or potential partners for activities.  The PO will work with groups to develop activity ideas and summaries, refine project concepts during the design phase, assist in the creation and negotiation of budgets and will oversee implementation of activities in the field.  The PO is a member of the Program Team, which is comprised of the PO and Procurement & Logistics Officer with remote support from the Grants Manager or Grants Officer. The PO coordinates their work with other members of the PAIC team, as needed, for the successful implementation of program activities and projects.  Working closely with the Chief of Party, SPDO and USAID/OTI staff, the PO will be a key interlocutor for the program with senior government officials and civil society, development partner, international and national organization, and private sector representatives.  The PO will assume representational duties for the program as delegated by the Chief of Party.  This position will be based in the Far North.  The PO will support national-level initiatives which support activities in the Far North.  Travel to and throughout the Far North is expected.


The PO reports to the Chief of Party or SPDO.


Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


  • Participate in regular PAIC team meetings to discuss current country context issues, present and discuss activity ideas, and report on the progress of activity implementation.
  • Conduct political analysis, impact assessment, and participate in strategy development to advance the program goals.
  • Provide analysis of local sociopolitical, development, and security trends.
  • Represent the PAIC program to authorities, civil society groups, development partners, international and national organizations, and the private sector.
  • Develop and maintain positive working     • relations with grantees, local partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries of national- level activities.
  • Become familiar and comply with all Creative and USAID/OTI procedures and manuals (e.g., Activity Management Guide; Activity Cycle Flowchart; Field Procurement Guide; and Operational Communications, Emergency, Information, and Physical Security Plans).  
  • Become familiar with USAID’s Automated Directives System and the regulations which apply to PAIC activities.
  • Responsible for use of the USAID Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID/OTI) database for program development and management purposes, including updating information weekly on activities.
  • Cultivate linkages among and with the authorities, international and national organizations, development partners, civil society groups, and the private sector as directed by the Chief of Party and/or USAID/OTI.
  • In consultation with the supervisors, coordinate, sequence, and prioritize work and tasks.
  • Any other duties and tasks as needed and assigned.

Activity Identification and Development

  • Identify potential partners, grantees, and/or grant activities as directed by the Chief of Party, SPDO and USAID/OTI Country Representative (OTI/CR).
  • Build synergies with the Maroua-based PAIC staff and regional- and division-level offices of national organizations.
  • Strengthen linkages and coordination across local, divisional, and national activities.
  • Liaise with government ministries, national and international NGOs and other stakeholders to identify potential partners and activities.
  • Draft project ideas with estimated budgets and present them in internal Activity Review meetings for yellow-light consideration.
  • Work with the program team and Maroua-based staff to develop activities through submission and clearance “green light”.
  • Once project concepts are approved by USAID/OTI, “yellow-lighted”, provide assistance to potential local partners and grantees in the design of activities to include
  • brief description of activities to be implemented, objectives, timelines for implementation, expected results and plan for how activity will be monitored and evaluated (objectives, expected results, indicators, timeline, etc.) with the support of the M&E Officer and Grants Officer.
  • Work with the Grants Manager or Grants Officer, Procurement Officer, and partner organizations to develop detailed budgets and plan procurements for activities.
  • Develop activities in USAID/OTI Activity database incorporating project objectives, activities, deliverables, monitoring and evaluation plan, media plan, budget and timeline.
  • Support the Grants Manager or Grants Officer in informing approved local-level partners and grantees and on the PAIC activity implementation approach and Creative and USAID/OTI policies and procedures.

Activity Implementation

  • Lead the technical supervision of assigned activities, including ensuring compliance with plans and timeline for activity implementation. approved budget. and tracking achievement of activity objectives and progress toward meeting target outputs and indicators.
  • Conduct regular follow-up meetings with local-level partners, grantees, and stakeholders in coordination with the Grants Manager or Grants Officer.
  • Review and provide technical concurrence for all activity-related payments to be made by finance to local vendors, service providers, consultants, and local partners as activity implementation progresses.
  • Monitor activity implementation through desk review of reports, regular site visits when possible, and triangulation with external sources of data on activity.  
  • Identify, in a timely manner, and support Grants Manager or Grants Officer to prepare justifications for modifications of activities and work with the Procurement & Logistics Officer to make necessary adjustments.
  • Update the USAID/OTI database and provide relevant information to the Grants Manager or Grants Officer and/or Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for input in the database and OTI/Anywhere.
  • Coordinate with the Grants Manager or Grants Officer and Procurement & Logistics Officer to ensure smooth implementation and timely financial and administrative management of activity implementation.
  • Identify needs for short-term technical assistance (STTA) and, as required, assist the Grants Manager or Grants Officer in preparing scopes of work for consultants and/or service providers.
  • Monitor and report on operational activities and provide activity updates and summaries to the Chief of Party, Grants staff, M&E Officer, and Maroua-based staff.
  • Work with PAIC staff to ensure project attendance at local events.
  • Support the Grants Manager or Grants Officer to ensure that hard copy and electronic activity files are up to date in the database and on OTI Anywhere.
  • Work with Program, M&E, Procurement, and Grants staff to create and maintain project trackers.
  • Coordinate with M&E Officer and Grants Manager or Grants Officer to ensure accurate and quality information is recorded about the implementation of all activities and collect information on program activities, including numbers of beneficiaries.
  • Attend focus group discussions and program activities to derive lessons learned to inform future project activities.

Activity Close-out

  • Confirm, in conjunction with the Grants Manager or Grants Officer, that the grantee or local partner has complied with terms of the activity agreement and required deliverables.
  • Assist the Grants and Procurement staff in the review of budget expenditures on activities for financial and administrative close out.
  • Review final reports and/or other related deliverables from national and local partners and grantees, in coordination with the Grants Manager or Grants Officer.
  • Draft Final Evaluation Reports and support grant closing.
  • Track overall project development and identify trends to document ‘success stories’ and ‘lessons learned’.
  • Support the Grants Manager or Grants Officer to ensure all activity files and documentation are complete.
  • In coordination with the Grants Manager or Grants Officer and M&E Officer provide documents and information (e.g., number of beneficiaries, outputs, outcomes, and/or impacts) on the activity to ensure M&E information is captured in the database and activity files prior to activity close out.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Four-year university degree in political science, development, sociology, law, social or political science, or other development-related field required is required.
  • Minimum of four (4) years of general work history is required.
  • Two (2) years’ work experience with organizations and government ministries or a related field is required.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Far North, target communities where PAIC is operating, and the ability to identify potential interventions that will contribute toward program strategy and objectives.
  • Demonstrated contacts across the Government of Cameroon, international and national organizations, development partners, civil society groups, and the private sector and ability to represent PAIC and Creative Associates to these entities.
  • Willingness and ability to travel throughout the Far North of Cameroon.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills are required.
  • Demonstrated experience in community participation/engagement-type projects required and experience with violence prevention desired.
  • Capacity to understand and analyze regional and local politics, and the creativity and analytical capacity to design activities that relate to critical issues in the Far North.
  • Ability to network and identify appropriate partners and grantees and support reform-oriented entities, individual change agents, and local and international organizations to design and develop activities.
  • Ability to draft well written succinct reports.
  • Ability to oversee and coordinate the financial and administrative management of program activities including budget management and procurement.
  • Excellent record keeping and documentation skills are required.
  • Fluency in one or more of the local languages used in the northern Cameroon is required.


  • Prior experience with USAID or US Government funded projects is highly desirable.
  • Problem solving, stress management and time management skills are required.
  • Proficient at using Microsoft office software: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.  Prior experience using MS Access and web-based database applications preferred.  
  • Experience of working in a conflict environment is a plus.
  • Written and spoken fluency in French required and proficiency in English desired.
  • Ability to work under pressure and efficiently handle multiple tasks.
  • Ability to work both independently and as a part of a team.

Submission of candidature and deadline for submissions:

Applicants must follow all of the instructions on the website www.paic.info to be considered for employment. In person submissions shall also be received at our offices in Maroua at Pitoare B.P 453, opposite Plan Cameroon or Yaoundé at Rue 1815, Num155, Bastos, Okolo -Yaounde, should candidate/s prefer this option.

Submit your resume and cover letter to: recrutement@crea-paic.com

Deadline: 25th September 2018

04 Juillet 2019 Consultant RH

Programme d'Appui à l'Initiative Communautaire     Maroua

04 Juillet 2019 HR CONSULTANT

Programme d'Appui à l'Initiative Communautaire     Maroua

02 Novembre 2018 Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

Programme d'Appui à l'Initiative Communautaire     Far North Region, Cameroon

02 Novembre 2018 Assistant Suivi et Evaluation

Programme d'Appui à l'Initiative Communautaire     Extrême-Nord Cameroun

01 Novembre 2018 Grants and Procurement Assistant

Programme d'Appui à l'Initiative Communautaire     Far North Region, Cameroon


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