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National Agro-Economy Expert  










UNIDO has been requested by the Government of Cameroon to design a master plan for a Technological Agro-Industrial Park(TAIP) in Cameroon. The location of the site has been identified by the Government and will cover an area of 300 ha. TAIP will produce and export products of second and third level of processing through the use of transmission technologies.

Post Title: National Agro-Economy Expert

Contract Type:Individual Service Agreement(ISA)

Organization Unit: UNIDO

Duty Station: Yaoundé, Camerooon;

Starting date: 01/05/2016

Duration: 4 Months

Duties: Under the supervision of the Project Manager and the National Coordinator, the National Agro-Economy Expert will carry out the following duties:

Main duties.

In collaboration with the contractor, the expert shall take part in all the below mentioned duties:

  • Identify the various agricultural crops in the zone, their yields and their by-products
  • Work on data collection and analysis necessary for the finalization of the feasibility study for the TAIP
  • Take part in the formulation of the investment promotion strategy of the TAIP
  • Suggest a strategy for clustering of farmers within the zone of the TAIP who will supply the primary materials for processing.
  • Work on data collection and analysis for identification of new varieties of selected crops through the research center of the zone.
  • Assess the capacities of farmers of the various products to supply the TAIP with sufficiend raw materials.
  • Identify the various cooperatives in the zone and obtain information on them such as membership, planted area, production etc...
  • Collaborate on defining the modality of PPP that will govern the TAIP
  • Assess the current farm management practices and quality of planting materials of the various crops used in the zone. Identify constraints that lead to low productivity and propose corrective measures.
  • Assess the availability, affordability and use of agro-machinery in selected farms and identify appropriate equipment for the zone
  • Based on production figures of the primary crops, identify the size of processing and/or storage facilities to be required in the processing zone as part of the marketing strategy and the requirement in the TAIP for expanded production in the short, medium and long term.
  • Determine credit requirements, sources of finance, method of providing credit effectively to farmers and incentive scheme tested through past experiences in credit delivery and administration of farmers in the zone and Cameroon in general.
  • Produce final report.

Expected results

  • Agricultural crops in the zone, their yields and their by-products identified
  • Data collecte and analysed
  • Investment promotion strategy formulated
  • Strategy for clustering suggested
  • Farmers' capacity to supply the TAIP with raw materials assessed
  • Cooperatives in the zone are identified and pertinent information on them are obtained
  • Modality of PPP defined
  • The current farm management practices and quality of planting material used in the zone assessed
  • The availability, affordability and use of agro-machinery in the selected farms is accessed.
  • Sizes of processing and storage facilities needed in the processing zone identified
  • Credit requirements, sources of finance, method of providing credits to farmers and tested incentive schemes on credit delivery and administration of farmers identified.
  • Final report produced

Qualification: Master degree or equivalent in Agro-Economy with 6 years of field experience

Language: Excellent written and spoken English and French.


All interested applicants are required to submit their interest and suitability for the position mentionned above,  indicating the vacancy position as subject of the email or on enveloppes of written application. Attached CVs and certified copies of qualifications(i.e technical and academic certificates).

Please forward all written applications to Technopole project office, located in UNIDO building, Quartier Golf Bastos, Axe Presidentiel, IMM SCI LA ROCHELLE, Email applications should be sent to; Tel: (+237) 242 74 80 34

Deadline for submission of application: March 30, 2016

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