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Housekeeper Surpervisor  


U.S. Embassy





JOB ADVERT: Housekeeper Surpervisor

The U.S. Embassy in Yaounde is seeking an individual for the position of Housekeeping Supervisor in the Facilities Maintenance Section.  This position is located in Yaounde.

Position: Housekeeper Surpervisor

Closing Date: October 9, 2015

Work Hours: Full time 40 hours/week

Grade: FSN-05; FP-09


The Housekeeping Supervisor supervises 15 employees and coordinates the preparation of empty houses for new occupants. The incumbent trains staff on all types of housekeeping, gardening and pool equipment and is responsible for the upkeep and safety of equipment as well as the maintenance of housekeeping supplies.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinates preparation of empty houses for occupancy by new arrival of all agencies.  Supervises 1 janitor foreman, 10 janitors and 3 gardeners and 1 Swimming Pool Tech. Incumbent trains staff on all types of housekeeping, gardening and pool equipment and has the responsibility for upkeep and safety of equipment. Maintains housekeeping supplies.

  1. Coordinates preparation of empty houses for new occupancy: Supervises thorough cleaning, such as machine, polishing floors to remove cement and paint: cleaning and polishing furniture from warehouse.  Places furniture and advises if items are missing or damaged.  Plugs in appliances and advises if they are not working: ensures lights inside and outside have bulbs: Order gas bottles as required. Selects used curtains and hangs them.  Make beds: put items of hospitality kit in proper location. Ensures garden has been trimmed.  Ensures house key is given to sponsor. 
  2. Supervises 1 janitor foreman, 10 janitors, 3 gardeners and 1 swimming pool technician.  Ensures Chancery, GSO and Health Unit are cleaned daily.  Schedules weekly projects such as scrubbing floors, cleaning windows, assigning employees to provide morning or evening cleaning in Ambassador's suite and upstairs offices.  Supervises gardens at Ambassador's and DCM's residence, Marine House and oversees planting, fertilizing, composting at EMR and DCR. Schedules quarterly doors and windows grill cleaning.  Orders soil, plants seeds or chemical as needed.
  3. Supervises cleaning of all newly vacated houses; closets, stoves, refrigerator, and floors. Checks frequently on empty houses to prevent accumulation of dust, insects (including fleas) and mildew; supervises trimming of gardens to discourage snakes and rodents.
  4. Oversees 2 janitors who are involved in implementing integrated pest management policies in collaboration with the fire and safety coordinator under supervision of the POSHO. 
  5. Supervises preparation of drinking water: filtering water and the delivery to Embassy compound and Warehouse.  Schedules cleaning of office water distillers, water coolers and drinking water containers. 
  6. Provides other occasional cleaning service; supervises cleaning of Residence and Chancery after large events.
  7. Manages staff; makes employees performance report, schedules leaves and duty hours for 15 LE Staff. Set priorities for crew.  Ensures equipment and cleaning supplies are safeguarded; initiates procurement of replacement of items.  Ordering and distributing daily uses supplies for complete cleaning operation from GSO supplying office.  
  8. Teaches staff; instructs new employees how to use equipment (such as rug, furniture and floor shampoo, scrubbing machines, and lawn mower and supplies. Instructs EMR staff in special cleaning requirements.
  9. Oversees cleaning of the Embassy Recreation Center and the maintenance of the swimming pool. 
  10. Once a year, over the weekend, thorough cleaning of the exterior of the Embassy compound with the pressure washer.
  11. Drives staff to the work sites and drives for crew transportation needed to meet deadlines. Keeps vehicle operation record: Times and places of departures.  Arrival and mileage. Keep record of gasoline and oil taken from the official pump. Keeps vehicle clean and ready for operation by checking gasoline, oil, water, breaks, steering, battery and tires.  Drives the vehicle to the garage once a month for the automotive preventive maintenance.


Education: Completion of High School (GCE “A” level, Baccalauréat or equivalent) is required.

Experience: At least two years of general cleaning and one year as Janitor or cleaning crew supervisor are required.

Language: Level 3 (Good Working Knowledge) Speaking/Reading/Writing English and Level 2 (Basic Knowledge) Speaking/Reading French are required and will be tested.

Knowledge: The applicant must have good knowledge and understanding of American standards of cleanliness and must be computer literate (MS Word and Excel).  Job knowledge may be tested.

Skills/Abilities: The incumbent must be able to instruct and supervise unskilled staff and to diplomatically juggle priorities.  He/She must have driving skills (Category B driver’s license).  Skills and abilities may be tested.


Interested candidates for this position must submit the following documents to the Human Resources Office, P.O. Box 817, U.S. Embassy Yaoundé, Cameroon OR via email at: (please, indicate the title of the position on the “subject”: line) electronic applications are strongly encouraged.

  • Universal application for employment (DS-174) available online at; or
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae that provides the same information found on the DS-174

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