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International Rescue Committee Cameroon (IRC)





The International Rescue Committee Cameroon (IRC) and UC Berkeley Human Rights Center HRC are seeking,

Titre du poste : Transcriptionnist

Lieu d'affectation : Maroua

Situation hiérarchique : Il/elle rend compte au Quality Assurance Supervisor

Date de Début : ASAP

Background/ Context

The UC Berkeley Human Rights Center (HRC) is partnering with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on a research study on cash assistance programs in humanitarian settings to generate evidence on the protection risks and barriers associated with the targeting and delivery of cash to vulnerable groups.

This two-year project involves two phases of research. During the first phase of the research, the research team will conduct qualitative research in Cameroon to explore the full range of protection risks faced by two or three selected vulnerable groups, which may include (but are not limited to) female-headed households, older persons, persons with disabilities, persons with limited or lack of legal status and/or identity, or persons from ethnic minority groups. Field research in Cameroon will take place in March 2018.

Data collection will include key informant interviews (approximately 8-12) with key stakeholders in cash assistance and protection programs, interviews with cash assistance recipients (approximately 10-15 interviews), and focus groups with cash assistance recipients (approximately 8 focus groups of 8-10 participants per group).

IRC and HRC will use evidence gathered from the first phase of the research to inform a toolkit, which practitioners in humanitarian settings can use to plan and implement cash assistance programs. In the second phase, IRC will pilot the toolkit within a cash transfer program in one country, and HRC will conduct operational research to adapt and validate the tool.

IRC and HRC are recruiting transcriptionists to work with IRC and HRC during the first phase of the research in March and April 2018.

Roles and Responsabilities

The roles and responsibilities of the transcriptionists are to:

  • Attend a 1 – 2 hour training.
  • Transcribe and translate audio files from interviews and focus groups.
  • Translate audio files from: a) French to English, and/or, b) Mandara, Hausa, Kanuri, Arab shoa, Kotoko and/ or Fulfulde to English (preferred) or French.
  • Participate in debrief and follow-up with the research team.

Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  •  If working with French audio files, must have excellent written and oral communication skills, including English/French usage, grammar, punctuation, and style. If working with audio files in Mandara, Hausa, Kanuri, Arab shoa, Kotoko Mandara and/or Fulfulde, must be fluent in the language of the audio file and English (preferred) or French.
  • Must have previous experience transcribing and translating audio files that may contain discussions of sensitive information.
  • Must have ability to understand diverse accents and dialects and varying dictation styles.
  • Must maintain neutrality and ensure accuracy of transcription and translation of audio files.
  • Must have strong computer skills and be able to operate designated word processing, dictation, and transcription programs, and other equipment as specified.
  • Must be able to work under pressure with time constraints.
  • Must be have high concentration capacity and excellent listening skills.
  • Must have excellent eye, hand, and auditory coordination.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of data.
  • Must have positive and professional attitude
  • Must be able to organize and coordinate multiple tasks while maintaining attention to detail.

Lieu de dépôts des dossiers

Send a cover letter addressed to the Country Director IRC Cameroon and updated Resume to: or directly at IRC Office in Yaounde, Maroua or Kousseri with the mention TRANSCRIPTIONNIST before February 28th at 5 PM.

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