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Logistics manager  



(lieu non précisé)




Logisticians analyze and coordinate an organization’s supply chain—the system that moves a product from supplier to consumer. They manage the entire life cycle of a product, which includes how a product is acquired, distributed, allocated, and delivered. That is why our newly created company Corporama and scie needs a logistician.


Our logistician will typically do the following:

  • Direct the allocation of materials, supplies, and finished products
  • Develop business relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Work to understand customers’ needs and how to meet them
  • Design strategies to minimize the cost or time required to move goods
  • Review the success of logistical functions and identify areas for improvement
  • Propose improvements to management and customers

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Our logisticians will need strong communication skills in order to collaborate with colleagues and do business with suppliers and customers.

Critical-thinking skills. Our logisticians must develop, adjust, and successfully carry out logistical plans, and they often must find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Organizational skills. Our logisticians must be able to perform several tasks at one time, keep detailed records, and simultaneously manage several projects in a fast-paced environment.

Problem-solving skills. Our logisticians must handle unforeseen issues, such as delivery problems, and adjust plans as needed to resolve the issues.


  • Be a holder of a bachelor degree in logistics and transportation. An associate’s degree may be sufficient
  • Be extremely fluent in English. Applicants should have done English studies
  • You must possess a laptop while applying
  • 0-2 years experiences in the field of logistics and transportation

RECORDS TO BE PROVIDED: 1 CV, MOTIVATION LETTER picture and  CNI sent to the email adress

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