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Senior Associate Advisor  



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Cocoa Business Service Centre Project

ToRs for the recruitment of a senior associate advisor for quality and external markets of cocoa products

1. Introduction

“Green Innovation Centre for the agriculture and food sector” project (GIA) is a global initiative  funded by the German cooperation. In Cameroon, the GIA is implemented by GIZ and has three value chains.  In the cocoa value chain, from December 2015 to December 2017, SNV is in charge of implementing the post-harvest component titled “Cocoa Business Service Centre”. In the course of 2017, GIZ introduced new  indicators and requirements that had a great influence on the methodology put in place by SNV when writing the proposal. The objective of the “Cocoa Business Service Centre “component is to increase revenue of cocoa  farmers through access to business services and value addition. To achieve the objective, SNV builds the capacity of cocoa farmer cooperatives as a business orientation to deliver good quality services to members. To increase revenue of cocoa farmers, it is important to increase sales. Basically, farmers increase sales when they have good quality cocoa beans and good prices. The project’s target  is to support cooperatives with infrastructures and training on quality. In this regard, a cocoa business service center made up of infrastructures has been built. It has: one fermentation unit, two solar dryers, one warehouse and one transformation unit. At the same time, trainings on cocoa quality verification  and  traceability  were  given to cooperatives to be able to meet buyer’s requirements.  Unfortunately, in Cameroon, internal trade regulation doesn’t take into consideration cocoa quality. All cocoa beans are bought at the same price except from some international traders in relation with some certified groups. To diversify cooperatives income sources, the CBSC introduced transformation of cocoa beans at cooperative level. With a transformation unit, cooperatives will be able to sell cocoa butter and powder. In Cameroon this is an innovation. Local capacity builders have been recruited to train and accompany cooperatives to transform their cocoa beans and locally market transformed products. In the course of 2017, GIZ introduced new indicators in the cocoa value chain. By the end of the project, implementing partners should report on 1) outreach, gross margin, job creation, turn over, and food security. Those five indicators occur when the contract is already signed between SNV and GIZ. Activities are already being implemented with a specific strategy. With the trade context of Cameroon,  indicators like turn over, gross margin, require to have a look at the international markets to expose cooperatives to lucrative options.       

2. Objective

The associate advisor is required to support SNV’s team in the process of cocoa quality products for international markets of cocoa beans and transformed products. Specifically, he/she will be in charge of:

  • Assess and advice on steps and tools used in CBSC infrastructures (fermentation unit, solar dryer, transformation unit and ware house) with regards to international standards. 
  • Assess and advise on the combination/complementarity between CBSC infrastructures for a global efficiency/profitable use of the CBSC by cooperatives; 
  • Connect cooperatives with international niches of markets for cocoa beans an cocoa transformed products

3. Expected deliverables

The cocoa quality and external markets associate advisor/consultant is expected to deliver a report presenting: 

  • Strong and concrete recommendations on steps and tools to be used in CBSC infrastructures (fermentation unit, solar dryer, transformation unit and ware house) to meet international standards. 
  • Strong and concrete recommendations on the best combination/complementarity system between CBSC infrastructures for a global efficiency/profitable use of the CBSC by cooperatives; 
  • List of international niches of markets that can deal with cooperatives for business on cocoa beans and cocoa transformed products 
  • At least two contracts signed between cooperatives and international buyers.

4. Level of effort

The level of effort is a maximum of 18 days (including travel) with at least 10 days in cocoa business service centers in the South-West region of Cameroon. 

5. Profile of the consultant

The consultant should have a good experience in the cocoa sector around the world 

  • Master cocoa beans niche markets around the world  
  • Master the process of cocoa processing for local and international markets
  • Have a good understanding of cooperative issues  
  • Have a good mastery of English.   

6. Submission file

Interested candidates to this call are invited to submit their proposal by deadline, August 11th, 2017 by Email to and

The proposal should include:

  • Comprehension of the ToRs with an activity planning 
  • A technical and financial proposal.  
  • CV of the consultant 

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