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Local organizations or Individuals specialized in Cocoa fermentation  



(lieu non précisé)




Terms of Reference

For the recruitment of local organizations [1] to build the capacity of a Cocoa producers’ organization in Cocoa fermentation in the South West Region of Cameroon.

I.  Context

From 2014-2015, SNV with its partner IITA worked on the cocoa value chain through the "Cameroon Cocoa Eco Project" implemented in Konye and Ayos subdivisions in the South West and Center regions respectively. The project achieved a number of outcomes and innovations that fit into the GIZ initiative on Green Innovations Center involving cocoa and other value chains. A new project titled ProCISA, has been designed for 25 months (Dec 2015-Dec 2017) and is fully funded by German cooperation, implemented in Cameroon by GIZ in partnership with SNV. Under ProCISA, SNV is in charge of Cocoa Business Service Centre component of which cooperative development, Cocoa processing and marketing by cooperatives and sustainable market linkage are the key components of the project.

1. Cooperative development: This component focuses on establishing cocoa business service centres and organisational/institutional development of cooperatives. It fundamentally addresses the challenges around farmers’ organisation, cooperative management and the role of cooperatives as services providers for their members in the context of cocoa liberation.

2. Market linkage: This component involves access to markets for financing, inputs and cocoa beans. It reinforces access to appropriate financing, inputs and profitable markets for cocoa beans. Cocoa quality improvement is a key sub-component under market linkage and will also be addressed through specific activities including traceability, grading the beans, etc.

3. Cocoa processing and marketing by cooperatives: This component encompasses the establishment of cocoa processing units, solar dryers, and fermentation stations at cooperative level. It is also accompanied by capacity building activities in cocoa processing, solar dryer construction/management.

Cocoa processing starts from fermentation to transformation through solar drying and the organoleptic characteristics of beans are related to the profound changes in their biochemical composition induced by fermentation and drying. So fermentation is critical for the quality of dried cocoa beans and further for the cocoa transformed products. In Bafia by Muyuka, two solar dryers and a processing units were put in place. To complete the processing chain, a modern fermentation system shall be piloted in the same community for the benefit of BAFIAFCOOP.

II. Objectives

This invitation to tender is for the selection of local capacity builders having the necessary skills to train and accompany BAFIAFCOOP in Bafia (Muyuka), for a maximum number of 20 days, on Cocoa fermentation.

III. Responsibilities

Collaboration between SNV Cameroon and the selected LCB aims to contribute to improve the incomes of cocoa farmers and members of BAFIAFCOOP through fermentation of cocoa beans. The LCB will have the following responsibilities:

  • Strengthen the capacity of BAFIAFCOOP cooperative in cocoa beans fermentation,
  • Standardize the cocoa fermentation process and develop technical guides on cocoa beans fermentation and modern cocoa fermentation system construction for cocoa cooperatives.

IV. LCB profile

Local organizations interested in this call should have the following profile:

  • Good experience/knowledge in the field of cocoa fermentation ;
  • Strong knowledge of fermentation systems used for cocoa bean e.g: fermentation boxes in cascade;
  • Good knowledge of the project site, context and local language
  • Proven experience in facilitation, training and accompaniment of farmers’ organisations.
  • Sensitivity to issues around promoting women, youth and minorities
  • Experience in using Microsoft Office Suite and ability to generate quality reports.

V. Application

Local organizations interested in this tender are invited to submit their application before March 26th, 2017 by email to and mentioning "CBSC–LCB-01/2017_Fermentation Component" in the subject heading. The application will include the following:

  • An interpretation of the ToR
  • Technical and financial proposals with a maximum person-days mentioned above for the implementation of all activities for the component.
  • The LCB profile, referring to the points listed in sections above
  • CV(s) of the person(s) proposed to be involved in the activities

Note: Candidates can write their proposal in English or in French

[1] Local organisation is referred to as LCB (local capacity builder)

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