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IT/Administration Consultant  


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation





IT/Administration Consultant in Support of Project ECHO in Cameroon

in support of


1140 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036

Firm Deadline: Friday, October 21, 2016, 5:00pm (Cameroon time)

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, a non-profit organization, is the world leader in the fight to eliminate pediatric AIDS. Our mission is to prevent pediatric HIV infection and to eliminate pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs. For more information, please visit


The consultant will be working as part of the global cooperative agreement for technical assistance (TA) services, a five-year cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and implemented by the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF). The purpose of this project is to provide comprehensive and cost-effective TA, capacity building, and program implementation expertise for PEPFAR- and Global Fund-supported global health activities in three programmatic areas: 1) prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), 2) HIV care and treatment clinical services for adults and children, and 3) HIV pediatric care and treatment.

In Cameroon, EGPAF is working in partnership with the University of New Mexico to support a platform known as Project ECHO, which seeks to build the capacity of less experienced providers by linking them with subject matter experts (SMEs) based at local academic medical centers or centers of excellence in a mentoring relationship through the use of videoconference technology, promotion of best practices, case-based learning, and outcomes measurement.

In close collaboration with the Cameroon’s Ministry of Health (MOH), CDC Cameroon, and the University of New Mexico, EGPAF as part of the Cameroon Project ECHO Consortium seeks to procure a consultant experienced in project administration and IT support. The focus of this RFP is to provide the necessary requirements for procurement such that a qualified respondent (“Consultant”) can propose a solution that will successfully meet EGPAF’s needs. The Consultant will work in close coordination with the MOH and will be involved in ensuring the IT readiness of HIV clinics initially in four health facilities across Cameroon and the hub site in Yaounde to engage in weekly videoconference meetings via the videoconferencing platform Zoom. After the initial launch the consultant monitors and resolves IT issues and provides administrative and IT support to the weekly videoconference tele ECHO sessions.


Reporting to the EGPAF Country Director, and working in close coordination with an MOH representative to be identified, the Consultant is responsible for the successful completion of all deliverables covered in this SOW. Overall, the Consultant’s activities will be:

Project Coordination:

  • Coordinate and manage the IT readiness of the HIV clinics in the four selected health facilities (spoke sites, with the possibility of augment the number of spokes based on funding and feasibility), and the hub at the “Centre Mere Enfant” of the “Fondation Chantal Biya” in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (the main implementing partner), EGPAF, the University of New Mexico/Project ECHO, other implementing partners (IPs), and CDC in support of Project ECHO
  • Participate in Cameroon Project ECHO meetings and events, including launch events, and ensure that invitations, agendas and other appropriate information are sent out to all relevant parties on a timely basis
  • Hold regular check-in meetings and/or calls with all concerned parties to ensure a successful collaboration related to assignment activities and facilitating these calls by preparing any necessary equipment and scheduling of video teleconferencing (VTC) sessions and conference rooms

IT/Admin Support:

  • Provide general video conference call support with end users while facilitating good connectivity during Cameroon’s weekly one-hour tele ECHO sessions. Set-up hub room ahead of session, test equipment, monitor and respond to issues (background noise, mute/un-mute, poor connectivity) and be able to troubleshoot problems to full resolution before, during and after the planning and tele ECHO sessions.
  • Manage on-site connectivity by ensuring that devices are connected to routers and manage global connectivity by ensuring the routers at sites are connected to external Internet content.
  • Operate audio visual teleconferencing equipment including powering up teleconferencing equipment, checking equipment for proper operation, setting audio levels, positioning camera and ensuring that it functions, performing secure or non-secure set-up, and monitoring Zoom videoconference sessions
  • Operate videoconference computers, projectors or other audiovisual equipment; may include scheduling of video teleconferencing sessions and training personnel in operation of video teleconferencing and other audiovisual equipment that may or may not be associated with video teleconferencing services.
  • Liaise with IT Specialists to perform operator level repairs of AV/VTC equipment and the repair or replacement of malfunctioning wiring, cabling and terminations associated with the equipment.
  • Execute removal, installation, and operational testing of A/V equipment to accomplish equipment configurations as required to maintain 100% operational status of A/V equipment, and to accomplish equipment upgrades and configuration changes
  • Create and send out weekly tele Echo HIV session agendas via email; receive patient case presentation forms and submit to the MOH,  ECHO lead; didactic information and connectivity issues into ECHO; track CPD and CME units for participants, generate reports from ECHO as needed by the evaluation team. Provide administrative support related to launch and Cameroon Project ECHO implementation during the project period.

Project Launch and Implementation Support:

  • Assist Cameroon Project ECHO Consortium with procurement efforts and paperwork as requested
  • Assist with efforts to ensure site IT-readiness for program launch (mid-Jan or mid-Feb) by providing site-specific IT-solutions for appropriate Internet connectivity at desired meeting location (at least 500 MB/second download speed, optimally 2-5MB/second download speed)
  • Liaise with vendors for equipment specifications, availability, appropriateness for sites, and to request prices and bids as needed
  • Oversee vendor activity and work with MOH partners and hospital administration if installations are required
  • Coordinate ongoing site assessments and provide regular updates to project team regarding site IT-readiness for program launch
  • Prepare equipment for sites by installing Zoom videoconference software and testing equipment
  • Ensure safe delivery to sites
  • Provide ongoing administrative support to Cameroon Project ECHO Consortium during launch and implementation periods


  1. Weekly status updates and monthly reports documenting site connectivity issues and equipment problems and propose solutions to any problems
  2. Summary of each site’s needs throughout implementation, including any connectivity needs, equipment needs.
  3. Weekly reports on tele ECHO sessions through ECHO and as needed by evaluation team.
  4. Document Zoom trainings and disseminate findings to Cameroon Project ECHO Consortium.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, demonstrating the ability to present material to customer
  • High-end customer service skills are required
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Strong commitment to quality and adherence to scheduling deadlines
  • Individual must be highly organized and able to follow defined procedures while working in a team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work and deliver quality work in a fast paced working environment
  • Experience in the use of multi-media technology
  • Proven computer skills especially MS PowerPoint, LCD use, and hands-on knowledge of audio-visual equipment. Working knowledge of routing equipment and their interfaces with VTC hardware
  • A/V systems knowledge including cameras, displays, and echo cancellation systems used for audio and video conferencing.


  • Able to begin work on or before November 1, 2016
  • A minimum of three (3) years of combined experience of project administration and/or specialized training and experience in telecommunication systems operations and management.
  • Knowledge of various video teleconferencing systems
  • Knowledge of various types of internet connectivity (cable/wireless/cellular), installation and troubleshooting of equipment such as modems, routers, antennas, signal boosters, mobile hotspots, understanding of Cameroon telecom service options and pricing and data plan options.
  • Experience coordinating and facilitating meetings and workshops with high-level MOH employees
  • Experience working in conjunction with senior-level representatives from implementing partners and government agencies
  • A strong background in HIV/AIDS, project management, and implementation
  • Experience working with PEPFAR-funded programs that partnered with Cameroon MOH


The Consultant will communicate regularly with EGPAF Cameroon, which assumes ultimate responsibility for all documents and deliverables submitted to CDC. EGPAF Cameroon will directly liaise with CDC Cameroon and provide direction and support to the Consultant in the implementation of all project-related activities. All deliverables will be submitted to EGPAF Cameroon for review and further dissemination.


Equipment and/or Materials Required

The Consultant is expected to provide his/her own laptop and mobile phone for use on project-related activities. Arrangements can be made if this will not be possible, and applicants are encouraged to include in their proposals any equipment needs.

Specific Timeframe

  • The period of performance for this agreement is eleven (11) working months from the date of a signed consultant contract. Projected start date is November 1, 2016, but is subject to change. Please note, the Consultant would be allowed, but not be required, to work between December 21, 2016, and January 4, 2017.

Location of Work

  • The Consultant will be provided with office space, including access to internet and printing facilities, at the premises of EGPAF Cameroon.
  • The Consultant will be required to travel to regions and districts outside of Yaounde on occasions.


  • The anticipated contract type is time and materials.  Unless stated otherwise in the statement of the work, the Contractor is responsible for providing equipment and/or supplies required to perform the services.
  • All deliverables provided to the Foundation must be furnished for the use of the Foundation without royalty or any additional fees.


EGPAF will accept the proposal that presents the best value. All responsive proposals will be evaluated against the following Evaluation Criteria. Each proposal must contain all items listed in the Submission Requirements column in the following chart.

Evaluation Criteria/ Submission Requirements / Weight

Qualifications and past performance of Offeror

1. Cover letter

2. CV/Resume of Offeror

3. Description of how minimum requirements are met by the Offeror, as well as the preferred qualifications.

4. Current phone and email contact information for three (3) professional references from similar past projects

Consultant’s proposed process and approach to meet project needs efficiently/ 40%

5. A maximum 3-page written proposal explaining Offeror’s specific process and timeline for completion of activities and deliverables listed in this RFP/35%

Financial proposal

6. A brief financial proposal detailing the Offeror’s daily rate and number of days expected, as well as any expected reimbursable materials expenses, as stated in Key Contract Terms above /25%

Total: 100%

Once all responsive proposals have been evaluated against the above Evaluation Criteria, EGPAF will conduct interviews with and contact references for the final candidate(s).

All applicants are required to be registered and authorized to perform the scope of work in the place of performance. The Consultant will be responsible for obtaining all applicable visas and/or work permits, if necessary. The financial proposal must be tax inclusive.


October 14,  2016 – Release of RFP

October 21, 2016 – Submission of Contractual and Technical Inquiries:

No phone calls please.

October , 17 2016 – Question and Answer Response Document posted on EGPAF website at

October 21, 2016 - Completed proposals must be delivered electronically by the deadline mentioned on page one to:

Please reference RFP #17/10/001 on your submission.

October 31, 2016: – Final decision announced and Offerors notified

November 1, 2016: – Contract executed and Services begin.

Please note it is our best intent to comply with the above timeline but unavoidable delays may occur.

Equal Opportunity Notice.  The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and represents that all qualified bidders will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. 


As a core value to help achieve our mission, the Foundation embraces a culture of honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices and expects its business partners to do the same.  Specifically, our procurement processes are fair and open and allow all vendors/consultants equal opportunity to win our business.  We will not tolerate fraud or corruption, including kickbacks, bribes, undisclosed familial or close personal relationships between vendors and Foundation employees, or other unethical practices.  If you experience or suspect unethical behavior by a Foundation employee, please contact Doug Horner, Vice President, Awards, Compliance & International Operations, at dhorner[at] or the Foundation’s Ethics Hotline at Any vendor/consultant who attempts to engage, or engages, in corrupt practices with the Foundation will have their proposal disqualified and will not be solicited for future work.

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